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SMS Studio


SMS Studio Editions

SMS Studio editions are created to meet the needs of wide range of users:

  • Personal SMS Studio editions are designed for users who wish to exchange SMS messages using GSM phone/modem devices. Prices start from 30 EUR.
  • Business SMS Studio editions are intended for users who plan to exchange messages directly with operators and aggregators by using specialized protocols over internet (e.g. SMPP, EMI/UCP, HTTP). Prices start from 180 EUR.

For more information please contact us to get a quote.


Payment Options

We accept credit card and bank/wire transfer payment methods.


Product Delivery

Once we receive the confirmation about your payment we will send you the link for downloading the product.


Support Policy

Support for SMS Studio licenses is provided by email. Support is free during the renting period.


Support includes all activities related to the product delivery, product installation, technical support and updates to the latest version of the same edition with the same major version number.


Upgrade Policy

The price for the upgrade to a higher edition is calculated as a difference between the editions prices scaled to the remaining time of the current license.


Last update: June 15, 2024