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Publicidad SMS
Dominican Republic

"The software is excellent, we've done our tests with a single port Wavecom modem and it worked wonderful. Later we bought an 8 port Wavecom modem and the result was excellent too. The customer service is top quality. Another important thing is the quantity of options available, for example: reports in real time. Also a good feature for us is the capacity to automatically hide the digits of the user phone number and so many stuff more."


"SMS Studio is a great product. We supply nightclubs & concert events with large screen visuals. SMS Studio perfectly compliments our work, it allows the customers to feedback & comment on the event as it happens, and gives the promoter valuable marketing information. It works perfectly with a standard mobile phone & data cable, so the customers aren't paying premium prices to use the system. It also works perfectly on our Apple Mac systems running Windows."

Colin Willacy
BK Sound & Vision Ltd.
United Kingdom


Gyorgy Szentgyorgyi (Boeing 737 captain)
Malév Hungarian Airlines

"I've been just learning how to use your software, and I can tell you hat it is quite amazing and handy. In my point of view the good software is the one which can be used without reading the Help system, and yours is one of those."


"We are using SMS Studio for automatic sending of daily reports to our clients as well as for system monitoring and maintenance purposes. Since the day we installed it (March 2005) we haven't had a single software hang or any other problem. It's one of the most reliable pieces of software we have. Thumbs up!"

Ivan Jovanovic
AGB Nielsen Media Research


Radu Pop - CIO
Open Media Network
Bucharest, Romania

"Thanks to CodeSegment we are very pleased that we made such a good option by choosing SMS Studio. It's a powerful tool that allows us to implement various SMS services such as: SMS Voting, SMS chat, Mobile Content, SMS Registrations, SMS News and much more. The functionality is PERFECT, great variety of services and most important the excellent support assure us that this is the best product on the market! CodeSegment offers top quality software and services for the dollar! Open Media Network will recommend SMS Studio & CodeSegment to all our other business units & clients."


"When living in a country with a single telecom provider we usually have to wait months and sometimes years for new technology to be implemented. In mid October 2006 a client came to us with a request that the local telecom could not (or would not) provide. After extensive searching on the Internet we came across five companies offering similar solutions, CodeSegment was by far the most supportive and we were able to go live with the promotion by November 1. Their before sales support was incredible - as a matter of fact my sales rep answered all my questions and I was ready to buy way before any of the 4 other companies even responded to my initial requests! Their after sales support was even more impressive with tech support spending countless hours with me making sure that everything was just right. We are currently using the Voting, TV Chat and Info services and processing about 1500 SMS per day and SMS Studio never skips a beat."

Bahamas Entertainment


"The increasing sophistication and rapid uptake of mobile phones among university students is providing an unprecedented platform for the development of classroom interaction systems. We have used SMS studio to develop a SMS-based classroom interaction system (called "txt-2-lrn). Our research indicate that instructors and students perceive a number of benefits from the additional channel of communication in the classroom and it provides a positive impact on students' learning experience."

Eusebio Scornavacca
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems/e-commerce
School of Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


"When we decided to do a Charity Halloween Party for Cerebral Palsy we wanted to bring something different to it! We regularly organise events with friends that always have a something different and we didn’t want this charity event to be the exception - With the Halloween Party we wanted to let the party goers decide amongst themselves who should win the prize for the best costume. As the majority of people would be there with their mobile phones there was no better way to capture their vote than by SMS. We checked out all the other solutions out there but nothing compared to SMS Studio, nor had the flexibility, ease of use and nice look to it! We had a trial is SMS Studio and found it suited exactly what we needed – and also allowed us to send out text message afterwards telling people how much the night raised! All in all a great product, and CodeSegment helped – a big thank you!"

Neil Smith
Bike Mexico
United Kingdom


"We are an ICT-company based in Suriname and Netherlands where we are providing our customers a wide range of ICT-services. SMS Studio has greatly enhanced the range of services that we can offer to our customers and develop our SMS concepts. Their support team has been excellent in assisting us with some of our more esoteric configuration requirements and we strongly recommend this service for other developers."

Wicky Ramrattan
Yadoo Communications n.v. i.o. – Connecting people together
Netherlands, Suriname


"Print, Radio, and TV advertising are not cost effective for small tavern businesses. We wanted a way to announce events, bands, specials, etc to our customers. I looked at several SMS software applications; most were to expensive for a small operation like ours, or you needed to be a programmer to figure it out. Then I stumbled on to SMS Studio. Let me just say that I feel it is indeed the best value in the SMS arena. It is simple enough to figure out without being a rocked scientist, yet powerful and feature rich enough to do just about anything but wash dishes! :) When I have had questions or minor issues I have found the CodeSegment support staff responsive and helpful. As a small tavern we have a band of loyal customers so it has not been hard getting them to sign up for our SMS messaging system. They also enjoy the SMS Coupons we send out on occasion too. We simply use a cell phone with unlimited messaging plan to send messages, so for about $50/month for the cell phone service we can contact all our customers, INSTANTLY, and they can respond to our message as well! If you are looking for a reliable, cost effective SMS Advertising solution, you found it! - SMS Studio is what you want!"

Blaine Brodka
Merlin's Tavern, Inc
Hagerstown, MD 21740


Vishal Sewkaransing

"We are using SMS Studio for our mobile content services and we are very satisfied. The software is build to ease the integration of mobile services. Now I don't have to do a lot programming for the front end, only for the back end. The support is always present with answers that work. As we are going into CSME (Caricom Single Market) we know for sure that SMS Studio is the software we will use for our services that we want to expand to the Caribbean. GREAT software guys. Keep up the good work and I am sure there will be more customers in the future who will be satisfied with the product."


"We have been using SMS Studio for marketing research. The user interface and functionality are exceptional and the back-up service and help are beyond compare. If only all software suppliers were as sorted as CodeSegment!"

Peter Searll
South Africa


"SMS Studio is a fantastic product. We have been using it on a daily basis with one of our live shows several months. It has always run perfectly, and it has so many different features we have never lacked flexibility."

Jonathan Anthony
Head of Engineering
United Kingdom


"The Leederville Hotel is one of the largest pubs in Australia – with 6 large projector screens and plenty of TVs around the venue. We use SMS Studio to post SMS messages onto the screens (which is overlaid on top of our VJ's output). It’s a fantastic program, and was a massive hit with the crowd from day one! The invaluable 'Select in Contacts' tool within SMS Studio allows us to grab the new numbers obtained during the night; then add to our rapidly increasing mobile number database for SMS advertising. We receive in excess of 800 messages per night and the program has never skipped a beat.

I recommend it to everybody!"

Tim Bowyer
Production Manager
Leederville Hotel
Perth, Australia


Services d’Informations Mobiles

"SMS Studio works fine and it’s GREAT. I’m using SMS Studio to provide the mobile information from SMS request by sending a SMS keyword and SMS voting. SMS Info service is to provide horseracing result by SMS. The information is predefined in file text. The mobile user sends just a keyword like "Horse" and receives instantly the result on its mobile phone. During a music event, SMS Studio was used to provide a live voting. The computer with SMS Studio was connected to a video projector and the voting information sent to a big screen. The SMS Studio is very open software, I use a GSM-GPRS Modem on USB port and it works perfectly without any troubleshooting.

Thanks CodeSegment, to supply useful software."


"SMS Studio has enabled TxTER ASSIST to quickly and simply implement our text messaging service for young people. TxTER ASSIST is an automated SMS service providing mobile access to important youth support services and hotlines."

"This powerful software provides all we need to do the job at an affordable price!"

Brendan O'Keefe


"Hi, I just write to you, to say IT'S GREAT. SMS Studio works good with my SMS ADMIN - web/desktop application that allows my clients to remotely configure their SMS services. Thank you very much for the help."

Harold Stanley Rivas
Wise Marketing
El Salvador


"SMS Studio has been a very useful platform for managing a wide range of SMS applications offered by FIJI Ventures Ltd. It has been adequately efficient in acting as the interface between our complex IT requirement and the dial connection to the existing GSM network in Nigeria. The attempt at using other bulk SMS software have been very problematic and frustrating because of the nature of our business."

Joachim Idada
FIJI Ventures Ltd


"EDUCARTIS has challenged the traditional educational methods, using new technologies to increase the performance into classrooms and outdoors. CodeSegment has played and important role with SMS Studio, that is a key tool on professors and students relationship. Considering EDUCARTIS classrooms worldwide, SMS Studio has the power to integrate all participants in a global network."

Mauricio Curi


"Reliable, affordable software with outstanding customer service."

John Porter
Votech Ltd
United Kingdom


Dr. Matt Jones and Dr. Gary Mardsen from The University of Waikato have been exploring the use of conventional mobile phones and text-messaging to allow students to communicate with the lecturer as the class proceeds. You can read more about their work at:

The University of Waikato
New Zealand


"If you want to have a well working SMS-tool to send and receive (premium) SMS and want to buy it from a trust worthy company with very good after-sale-service, choose for CodeSegment!"

A happy and content customer,
RFP Scheele
Intracom Mobile Services


"We are absolutely satisfied with CodeSegment, it's reliable, very easy to handle and to set up. Not to mention the service, which is really great. We once had a last-minute question just before a show and had an immediate response and direct solution for our problem. We use the CodeSegment TV-chat & voting in combination with Live-camera & visuals at Big-parties."

Simon Verschelde & Thijs Lowagie


"SMS Studio is a very powerful but yet simple tool for SMS management. At m-Direct we run complex mobile marketing campaigns with very fast time-to-market due to the complete functionality, stability and offered by the system and the always-on CodeSegment support."

Paco Torras


"Thanks for the examples. I've got two Sony Ericsson T237 phones set-up now, connected to two different networks and everything is working perfectly. All the commands seem to be doing what they're supposed to do and the comments in the scripts are very clear and easy to understand. It's really looking like it's going to be a pretty cool system!"

Ryan Davis
Alt Entertainment Inc.


"By integrating SMS Studio into our system we became the first radio station in Belgrade capable of displaying SMS messages on RDS. During the first six months, we successfully received more than 40,000 messages from our listeners. Our system works perfectly and we have never experienced any problem. Thanks!"

Sasa Krstic


Last update: June 22, 2017