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SMS Studio Server

This carefully crafted application gives you the power to run and distribute various SMS services, such as SMS info, SMS voting, SMS TV chat, SMS survey, SMS quiz, SMS loyalty games, SMS content and also create your own SMS gateway, SMS server or SMS router.

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SMS Routing Gateway

With SMS Studio Server you get a powerful SMS gateway, SMS server or SMS router, capable of communicating with unlimited number of other SMS entities, with which you can distribute SMS messages and SMS services to your clients.

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SMS Voting Software

Voting service in SMS Studio Server enables you to create various types of attractive SMS voting events (SMS survey, SMS poll, SMS quiz, etc.) and publish voting results in real-time on a screen device (TV, video beam, monitor) or a web site.

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SMS Voucher Software

Ready-made solution for all services based on pre-generated voucher codes that users are sending to participate in (promotions, giveaway events). Besides verifying received codes, Voucher service in SMS Studio Server also offers points and level based user awarding system.

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Supported Connections

SMS Studio Server supports various SMS protocols (SMPP, EMI/UCP, HTTP, ODBC, Email, CSP, GSM AT, Nokia FBUS etc.) for exchanging SMS messages with a wide range of SMS gateway entities (SMS center, SMS server, SMS router), client SMS applications and mobile devices.

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SMS Info Gateway

This highly flexible service offers simple and fast development of SMS information services, by providing easy integration with external applications and access to a wide variety of external information storages.

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SMS TV Chat Software

Rich visual options, smooth scroll, automatic content filtering and advanced user interface, make this product an ideal solution for creating interactive SMS events by displaying incoming SMS messages on a screen device (TV, video beam, monitor).

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SMS Chat Center Server

This built-in service enables you to quickly setup and run an SMS live chat where remote agents communicate with users, by using a specialized messaging application for connecting with SMS Studio Server.

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Last update: June 15, 2024