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SMS TV Chat service enables you to create interactive events by displaying SMS messages on a screen device.


Under the full control of the chat moderator, the received messages are analyzed, prepared for output and displayed.


The scrolling of the chat text is smooth even on an average computer. For the purpose of broadcasting, the chat can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor...).


Various options are available for configuring the visual appearance of the chat: direction, speed, spacing, shadows, outlines, chat position, separator and background images.


Message formatting options allow you to define the final output text. For example, a message "Hello world!" sent from the phone number +1234567890 can be displayed as: "Alex (023) ***-7890 > Hello, world!", where the name of the sender is taken from the Address Book.


The Content Filter may be used to block or modify incoming messages with inappropriate content.


SMS TV Chat can be automatically exported to external data source, allowing you to use external applications for further processing, e.g. for displaying the chat using professional equipment, SMS to RDS, web publishing...


SMS TV Chat Window     SMS TV Chat Full Screen     SMS TV Chat Full Screen


Last update: December 6, 2023