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SMS Voting

SMS Voting service enables you to make various types of interactive SMS voting events - surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, etc.


SMS Voting service uses the list of predefined voting answers to classify received messages and display the chart with voting results.


SMS Voting service has support for setting the limits for the number of accepted answers per contact (e.g. each contact must send at least three different answers).


SMS Voting service in SMS Studio works in real-time - changes to its settings (e.g. modifying the list of voting answers or changing the limits options) are applied immediately and reflected to voting results.


Automatic replies can be sent as responses to received messages. For example: "Your vote for %AnswerName% has scored %AnswerVotes% votes." will return the information about the current score of the answer.


For the purpose of presenting it to the public, the chart can be displayed in full screen mode on any monitor attached to the system (e.g. video beam, TV out, secondary monitor...).


SMS Voting results may be automatically exported to external data source, allowing you to use external applications for further processing (e.g. web publishing).


SMS Voting Results     SMS Voting Setup     SMS Voting Full Screen


Last update: August 9, 2022