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SMS Routing

SMS Routing service enables you to create an SMS gateway capable of routing SMS messages between connections using various SMS protocols. This way you can manage and distribute SMS services to your clients.


SMS Routing Service


Typical examples of using SMS routing service:

  • SMS aggregator services
  • SMS for media (TV, radio, newspapers) services
  • SMS to email and email to SMS services
  • Integration of custom services via ODBC connection

Sophisticated filtering and routing options allow you to create any routing configuration you may need. Depending on various criteria (e.g. message prefix, short code, incoming account, sender, recipient...), incoming messages are processed and forwarded to their destinations. SMS Studio does not impose any limits regarding the number of connections you may establish or the number of routing rules you may use. Support for parallel connections and load balancer gives you the full power to manage heavy traffic with virtually any SMSC.


SMS Studio Client edition is intended for your clients (TV and radio stations, newspapers, media and other companies) who wish to use built-in SMS Studio services (Voting, TV Chat, Info and Mailbox) to run attractive events.


SMS Routing service supports matching client replies with original messages by using options for including and extracting the original MsgID. Additionally, options for routing to original account and limiting the number of replies are available.


SMS Routing Inbox     SMS Routing Setup


Last update: August 9, 2022